Next meeting will be on

Monday 4th June at London Councils 2.30pm
59½ Southwark Street
London SE1 OAL

Our host is Serena Perry

Please notify the Hon Secretary Drummond Robson at if you plan to come.


Tuesday 20th March 2018

Next meeting
will be jointly with the National Planning Forum and the Cambridge University Land Society

Our annual afternoon planning update will be from 1.30pm on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at Dentons, One Fleet Place – our hosts and sponsors for the event. Drinks will follow!

Details and bookings at



2.30-5.30pm at HTA Design, 78 chamber Street E1 8BL

Our host: Riette Oosterhuizen

Topics to include the Mayor’s Strategy and the emerging London Plan



2.30-5.30pm at University College London

Hosts: Michael Edwards & Jessica Fern

Topics to include the Mayor’s Strategy and the emerging London Plan



June 2017, date and agenda is here: AGENDA

2.30-5.30pm at Gordon Dadds, 6 Agar Street WC2N 4HN

Our host is Adrian Bingham


The annual joint venture with the National Planning Forum and Cambridge University Land Society on 4 April 2017 at Dentons 1, Fleet Place
Topics are expected to include the new Planning Act due January 2017 and to be addressed by the Government’s Chief Planning Officer, Steve Quartermain.

Tickets FREE for Forum members. Booking through


MEETING on 6th December 2016

2.30-5.30pm at Colliers International, 50 George Street W1U 7GA

Our host is Jonathan Manns


14th September 2016
at UCL, Central House,
14 Upper Woburn Place WC1H 0NN

our host: Michael Edwards


Monday 13th June 2.30-5.30 at City Hall

Our host Colin Wilson


Monday 21st March 2.30-5.30 at the University of Westminster

Our host will be Duncan Bowie.

Room C279 (Chiltern Block - second floor)


MONDAY 7th DECEMBER 2.30-5.30pm
at Colliers International, 50 George Street W1U 7GA

– our host Jonathan Manns


a. Draft GLA Central Activities Zone Supplementary Planning Guidance.
The Topic will be introduced by Gerard Burgess GLA

b. Gerard Burgess will also consider the Mayor’s proposals for the City in the East. and consider whether the two are related. Guy Grantham of Colliers' Research team will lead the discussion.

c. LPDF and London Society: Building a Relationship? A Discussion led by the Chairman and Jonathan Manns.

Please notify the Hon Secretary Drummond Robson at if you plan to come.



at GLA City Hall – our host Colin Wilson

AGENDA: Please watch this space or email the Hon Sec.

Please notify the Hon Secretary Drummond Robson at if you plan to come.


MONDAY 29th June
at UCL, Wilkins Garden Room Gower Street WC1E 6BT

AGENDA: London after the election and with devolution; speakers to be confirmed. Please watch this space.


on Thursday 26th February 2015 at 1.30pm at Dentons,
One Fleet Place EC4M 7RA: joint meeting with National Planning Forum and Cambridge University Land Society (CULS)

‘The Politics of Planning’ – an afternoon seminar followed by a drinks reception
Booking required [free to Forum members] at also see advert in the journal and look out for updates on the programme here.

Please also notify the Hon Secretary Drummond Robson at if you have booked with CULS to come.


on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 2.30pm
at the British Property Federation,
5th Floor, St Albans House, 57-59 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4QX
Our host is Ghislaine Trehearne

Discussion topics: London growth and the 2050 Mayoral Infrastructure plan
Led by Duncan Bowie; Jeremy Skinner and Corinne Swain


On 8th September at the RICS

------ previous meetings (see minutes)


On 9th June at 2.30 at Colliers International, 50 George Street, London W1U 7GA.

Meetings are open to visitors who are very welcome!. Please call Drummond Robson, Forum Secretary, on 020 8449 3113 or email him at to confirm names of those who wish to attend. Please advise him if you have a special interest.


At the GLA City Hall The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA
courtesy Colin Wilson

on Monday 10th March 2013 at 2.30pm

at Port of London Authority, Bakers Hall,
7 Harp Lane, London EC3R 6LB

Monday 9th December 2013 at 2.30pm


at RIBA London, 77 Portland Place W1. Our host was Owen Wainhouse, Policy and Communications Manager, RIBA London

Monday 16th September 2013 at 2.30pm

a. Townscape Character Study for Hillingdon. Steve Walker, Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners ("AMUP") will introduce the item.

b. The Thames Tideway Tunnel London’s Proposed New 25km Sewer. Phil Stride Head of Thames Tideway Tunnel at Thames Water will introduce the item. The Development Consent Application is formally due to be considered by the Planning Inspectorate in September.

c. PLA: Working to Promote the Blue Ribbon Network Policies of the London Plan. The item will be


Held at Colliers International, 50 George Street W1U 7GA
on Monday 10th June 2013

Our host will be Mark Charlton Head of Research and Forecasting.

a. Future Directions for Employment and B1 (Office) Space in London. Introduced by Colliers International’s Guy Grantham (Director, Research and Forecasting), with contributions by Stuart Melrose (Director, Tenant Representation).
b. NPPF a year on – planning and development progress in London and implications of latest household projections. Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners have been invited.
c. Permitted Development Rights introduced by Andy Rogers ACA. (See The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2013)


At the GLA City Hall The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA, on Monday 4th March 2013

a. Offices to Residential. Permitted development rights– revitalizing London Communities or undermining the Structure of a Planned Capital? A debate with the Proposition “Making Offices to Residential Permitted Development will assist in Revitalising London and its Economy.”
Invited speakers: For the Motion Paul Finch/Lee Mallett and Peter Ferrari, Managing Director Of Property Development, Heron International: Against Michael Bach and John Walker/Godfrey Woods Westminster City Council.

b. Pros and Cons of Development without Adopted Development Plans almost no Guidance and with re-simplified application forms: a general discussion of planning regulation: Invited Speakers to introduce the item: Stephen Webb: SNR Denton and Steve Rankin/Michael Lowndes at Turley Associates.


Held at the TCPA, 17 Carlton House Terrace SW1

on Monday 10th December 2012 at 2.30pm

Held at London RIBA at 77 Portland Place W1

on Monday 10th September 2012;

Principal Topics: Impact of NPPF on Borough Plans and
New Towns: Meeting London’s Need to Grow beyond its boundaries.


LPDF at the University of Westminster on Wednesday 13th June 2012
Early workings of CIL at Wandsworth introduced by Cllr Nick Cuff and
NPPF implications for London: Jennifer Peters of GLA.


Tuesday 20th March 2011 at City Hall SE1 – Hosts: The Mayor/Colin Wilson

Lee Mallett has agreed to open the discussion making the case that
“Planning in the UK has Ossified into Development Control.”

*We need to rebuild confidence in urban design as an active component in improving places, envisioning the future and helping to remove risk from the planning system by making “planning” more accessible and open.
We have to do this alongside the existing development control system, because this has established a formal means of rationing and managing land use – but we mustn’t let this stifle creative urban thinking, or exclude people – which it does.
My proposition is that councils and the private sector should be encouraged to find ways of exploring urban design ideas at a macro and micro level as a new component of the planning system to engage people and stakeholders at an early stage, to break down stasis, provoke discussion and encourage improvement.” Lee Mallett.

Departments to Apartments. Case Studies on the Proposed UCO change.
Nicola Furlonger of Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners has agreed to open the discussion based on the NLP report.

General Discussion on UCO Statistics and fees.


Monday 12th December 2011 at 12 George Street SW1 – Hosts: RICS

• The National Planning Policy Framework and its interaction with the London Plan
• The impact of Use Classes Order changes for London
• ­London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance on Housing.
Provisional: please check the agenda here.


Monday 5 September at Palestra at 2.30pm – Hosts: Design for London. Our Host is Esther Kurland, UDL’s Director.

Discussion Topics:
1. Draft National Planning Policy Framework and impact assessment.

2. London Plan July 2011
• London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance on Housing included.

3. Relaxation of permitted development rules for changes of use as they affect London and the review of the Use Classes Order.


Monday 6th June 2.30pm
at TCPA 17 Carlton House Terrace SW1

The new GLA organisation, the role of
businesses in neighbourhood planning and
London's green infrastructure.


Monday 7th March 2.30pm
at RICS, 12 Great George Street SW1P 3AD

Our Host is Jo Shockley Head of Policy and Communications RICS South. Please confirm if you wish to attend with the Secretary, Drummond Robson, 0778 732 6019 or 020 8449 3113.

Discussion Topic: London’s Infrastructure

Invited Speakers:

Aviation – Jo Valentine

Rail: Professor Sir Peter Hall – Accepted

Michael Schabas – Accepted

Transport: Kulveer Ranger GLA

Water: Thames Water (Thames Tideway Tunnel etc.) Paul Ilisse

Energy: Brian Mark  Fulcrum Consulting – Accepted

Gideon Amos: Commissioner Infrastructure Planning Commission – Accepted

Brian Whiteley: London Borough of Hillingdon on Local Waste Strategy – Accepted

Members of the Forum and guests are welcome._

Monday 6th December 2.30pm
at RIBA London, 77 Portland Place W1

Discussion Items:
The Localism Bill, the Comprehensive Spending Review effects and a resumé of the London Plan EIP.


Meeting at the new British Property Federation offices: 5th Floor, St Albans House, 57-59 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4QX on Monday 21st June between 2.30-5.30.

What's for London under the new Government?


At the Government office for London on
Monday 15th March 2010

Discussion Topic:

Prospects for Planning and Development in London after the Election. Discussion introduced by Giles Dolphin (GLA) and Michael Edwards (UCL). Tony Travers (LSE), Dermot Finch Chief Executive Centre for Cities and Peter Eversden (London Forum) and a representative from Denton Wilde Sapte have also been invited to contribute.  

Monday 7th December at 2.30pm

Previous meeting of the London Planning & Development Forum at the newly made-over RICS, 12 Great George Street SW1P 3AD (Brussels Room) courtesy Jo Shockley.

The meeting considered the draft London Plan with a presentation by GLA’s John Lett, and also the diverging views of the major political parties on planning policy.


Monday 14th September

MEETING of the Forum at City Hall courtesy Giles Dolphin considered the London Plan Review following consultations and other new policy initiatives.


Monday 15th June 2009 at UCL: The Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning

Discussion topics:
Crossrail Development Opportunities: to be led by Keith Berryman of Crossrail, James Skinner of the Mayor’s Office, and Richard Linton GLA.

Review of Outer London’s Spatial Economy: to be led by Sir Peter Hall, Michael Edwards, Amer Hermis, Drummond Robson with input from Martin Simmons


Meeting at the Government Office for London, Riverwalk House, SW1P 4RR, on 5th March 2009

Discussion topic

• Outer London Commission*. GLA's John Lett & Commissioner Peter Eversley to lead.

Meetings are open to visitors. Please email or call Drummond Robson,
Forum Secretary, to confirm details of the event and names of those who wish to attend. Please advise if you have a special interest.

• Outer London Commission: Mayor of London Boris Johnson has appointed leading planning and development expert William McKee to set up and chair his Outer London Commission whose remit is to advise the mayor on the London Plan and other policies to ensure outer London realises its full potential. William McKee is a former director general of the British Property Federation and former chief executive of Merton Council. He is currently Chairman of Tilden Land and the Urban Exposure Group and chairs the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation.

ACA Green Paper on planning reform as submitted to Barker who said: "concise and stimulating". Just three pages .pdf

Previous meeting was at The President's Suite, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 12 Great George Street, London SW1 Thursday 11th December 2008 between 2.30 and 5.30pm.

Discussion topics:
1. Engagement Strategy for Development Related Travel Plans. Taina Peltonen for Steer Davies Gleave.

2. Whither the London Plan? Giles Dolphin and John Lett have been invited.

3. The DCLG Killian Pretty Report and the DCLG review of the planning application process. Tony Thompson of DCLG will introduce.


Thursday September 11th 2008 hosted by the Environment Agency, at the City of Westminster Archives Centre, 10 St Ann's Street, London, SW1P 2DE.

Discussion Topics: Transport and London Plan policies; how to tackle the Community Strategy / LDF interface (Prof. Janice Morphet, Brian Whiteley and others); The DCLG review of planning applications (Mike Kierley & Brian Waters).

*please check back here for any changes before the meeting. The EA location address for the meeting may be changed; please check back here before attending!
RIBA London, 77 Portland Place W1, 2.30 to 5.30pm on Tuesday 10th June 2008

Principal discussion topic*: Reviewing the planning system; including presentation on private involvement in development control by Urban Vision/Capita.

at Town & Country Planning Association, 17 Carlton House Terrace SW1 on Thursday 15th March 2007* at 2.30 to 5.30pm

Discussion topics:
• Householder consents, the future of consultation including Framework Documents.
Les Sparks, CABE Commissioner invited.
• Responses to the Barker Review of Planning, PPS 4 – The Economy and the Use Classes Order. Alison Moore of the Barker Review Team and author of the new PPS 4 invited.


at RIBA 77 Portland Place (not 66) on Monday 11th December 2006* at 2.30 to 5.30pm

Discussion topics:
• Review of Government Planning taking account of Kate Barker Barker's Review of Land Use Planning and Householder Development Consents Review which focuses on the link between planning and economic growth. Speakers to be agreed. (Tony Thompson of DCLG invited).

• The Economics of Climate Change. Sir Nicholas Stern’s Review, (also commissioned by the Treasury) is looking at the medium to long term economic implications of climate change and assesses approaches to tackle the issue. It is due to be issued before the meeting. Sir Nicholas Stern invited.


at CABE, 1 Kemble Street WC2B 4AN
on Tuesday 19th September 2006 at 2.30 to 5.30pm

Discussion topics:
• Design and access statements: How to write them and how to read them – presentation of CABE guidance by Esther Kurland followed by discussion.
• Guidance on preparing transport assessments: Transport for London has published best practice guidance on preparing transport assessments for major developments in the capital. Sam Richards of TfL will introduce this and lead discussion.


...was at The Bartlett, University College London, 22 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0QB on Monday 26th June* 2006 at 2.30 to 5.30pm

• London Plan Review: the forum will follow-up the special February meeting (see feature in this issue of Planning in London on pages 21-29) in the context of the draft for consultation with GLA which will be presented by deputy mayor Nicky Gavron and her officers.

• An increasing role for the private sector in development control: presentation of the Audit Commission report by its author Bruno Moore (invited) and discussion of the ODPM Householder Consents Review.


Meeting of the London Planning & Development Forum is at City Hall The Queens Walk London SE1 2AA, courtesy of the Mayor and GLA, on 14th March 2006 at 2.30 to 5.30pm
Discussion topics:

• PPS3 New Planning Policy Statement 3 (PPS3) – Planning and Housing, which is planned to replace PPG3, and is currently being consulted on;
• Housing: The London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance published December 2006.

Meetings are open to visitors. Please call Drummond Robson, Forum Secretary, on 020 8449 3113 or email
to confirm details of the event and names of those who wish to attend. Please advise if you have a special interest.


AGENDA for the meeting of the Forum on Wednesday 7th December 2005 at British Property Federation 7th Floor, 1 Warwick Row London SW1E 5ER. Our host is Faraz Baber.

1. Introductions and Apologies;

2. Discussion Topic: London Mayor calls for a bigger regional planning role, including housing, call-in powers and section 106 powers. (Giles Dolphin, GLA Planning Decisions Manager, will lead the discussion).

Discussion Topic 2: Transport for London’s plans for Transforming London’s Public Realm.
Contributing Speakers:  David Ubaka, Street Management, Transport for London, with Simon Foxell.

Discussion Topic 3: Planning Timetable extending to 13 weeks and twin tracking lives on.

3. Minutes of Meeting held on Wednesday 21st September 2005 at RICS 12, Great George Street, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3AD

4. Matters arising.

5. Next Meeting.

6. Review of standing items:
· Planning in London journal and yearbook;
· web site:; ePiL;
· GLA planning report and development control statistics [Chairman]
· UDP progress with reviews in London (To Be Retitled?) [Giles Dolphin, GLA]
· Current ODPM consultation documents & pipeline [GOL]
· National Planning Forum report [Chairman]

7. Membership & subscriptions –Treasurer's report.

8. Other business

Previous meeting...

...was at the RICS 12, Great George Street, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3AD, between 2.30 and 5.30pm.RICS 12, Great George Street, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3AD, between 2.30 and 5.30pm.

Principal Discussion Topics: GLA’s Views Management Framework has been issued to replace the 12 protected views; Sub Regional Planning Frameworks are emerging; Audit of the London Plan progress to date, now 18 months from adoption. Transport for London’s plans for transforming London’s Public Realm. Discussion of Development Control Changes – Circular 08/2005 of 24th August 2005.

Contributing Speakers:  Richard Coleman – Views Strategy; John Lett*- Sub Regional Planning Frameworks; Simon Foxell – London’s Public Realm.


Previous meeting was at Government Office for London, Room 11.1b, Riverwalk House, 157-161 Millbank, SW1 on Thursday 16th June between 2.30pm and 5.30pm.

Main discussion topic: Planning Policy Development Review  
Contributing Speakers: 
Leonora Rozee, Director of Policy and Jonathan Bore, Inspector Manager for London - both from the Planning Inspectorate, Michael Gallimore (Lovells) Margaret Casely-Hayford, (Denton Wilde Sapte) for PPS6, Michael Bach (ex-ODPM) for PPS6 Ian Rowe (OPDM Statistics); Pat Thomas (S.J. Berwin).

The discussion is planned to include recent initiatives and changes such as:
Appeals review, ODPM has produced New Application fees, Consultation Paper on Development Control Changes.   The Local Development Documents Framework; PPS6 and also 'New guidance on validating applications' and a new standard application form.
GLA’s Views Management Framework (replaces the 12 protected views) London borough performance; statistics; Audit Commission review.

The normal format is that speakers introduce topics for (in this case) say 10-15 minutes, which are then open for wider discussion by those attending, which includes architects, planners, surveyors, government and local government representatives and others involved in the development industry.
The minutes appear on and an edited version in Planning in London.

Meetings are open to visitors.
Please call Drummond Robson, Forum Secretary, on 020 8449 3113 to confirm details of the event and names of those who wish to attend. Please advise if you have a special interest.
The forum meets quarterly and meetings are open for visitors who are asked to advise the Secretary in advance: email

Details of the next meeting are found in the BRIEFING section of Planning in London and the AGENDA of the next meeting is noted below once available. Please check back nearer the meeting for more detail.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE CHECK DETAILS and confirm attendance BY EMAILING

Subscription hotline 020 8948 2387

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